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Wicked Beat by: Olivia Cunning

Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning

         Wicked Beat by far the sweetest of the Sinners' books. Eric Sticks has always been the guy on the side, watching as his band members bang groupies. But when it comes to Rebekah Blake, Eric doesn't want to watch...he wants to play. While Rebekah's brother Dave is recovery from his accident Rebekah takes over as the Sinners' new sound board operator. Even with his sometimes-brutal honesty, Eric is having a hard time getting Rebekah to commit to him when she obviously has her eyes set on bad boy Trey Mills. Caught between two hot guys Rebekah's choice isn't hard to make, especially when Eric's sense of humor so closely matches her own. The only question is, can she open up about the one thing that could jeopardize any chance at a relationship?  


       Oliva Cunning's newest novel, Wicked Beat, is full of that humor that only Eric Sticks can pull off but is also loaded with hot that involves lots of toys and role play. Cunning never fails to go above and beyond readers expectations. Sinfully good. 





*I received an advanced reader's copy through NetGalley. Wicked Beat won't be available for sale until Aug, 6th, 2013.

What should I read next?

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This Was Not Part of the Plan

        It's not a secret that I'm a horrible student. But my poor school ethics have finally caught up with me and long story short, I'm not going back to school. At least not for the moment. I plan to return as a part-time student and work towards a buisness degree so I can continue to work in bookstores throughout my life and hopefully manage/own one one day.

        The good news is, is that I'm officially a full-time bookseller at a wonderful indie bookstore. So in a way, my life feels like a dream. How many 19 year olds have this beautiful oppurtuinity standing right in front of them? My job has done so much for me. I'm even in the process of trying to sort out a schedule so I can go to BEA next Friday. (For those who don't know, BEA stands for Book Expo of America. Look it up, it's awesome.) Long story short, school sucks, indie bookstores rock, and my life is terrifying. 

        But you see, something happens when you decide to drop-out of college, even if it's a temporary thing. (Can I just say, I hate the phrase "drop-out".) Family members look at you a little funny and start to ask questions you really just don't want to answer.

        Of course, I understand the hesitance people radiate when you tell them that you're a college drop out. Society has made it extremley difficult to find high-paying jobs for those with only a high school diploma. Going to college isn't really a decision anymore, it's just something you do after high school. It's expected. And if there's one thing society hates, its people who do the unexpected. 

        All that being said, I feel really liberated with my decision. Life feels good and kind of scary. Even with working full time, I have about 2-3 days off a week and that's a lot of free time to fill up. With this realization, I immediately start brainstorming adventures. There are so many places to visit, museums to explore, resturants to try out, bookstores to longue in, and people to meet along the way. 

        To be sitting at home all the time, scrolling through the assortment of social networking sites I tend to, would be too depressing. I wish I could thank who-ever said, "There's a difference between soical networking and wasting your fucking life." I don't want to waste my life. Hell, if I had the guts to, I would backpack across the U.S. I've always wanted my life to be a big adventure. 

       So what am I going to do with extra time?

       I'm going to make to try and make the best of it. I'm going to write a novel, go on day trips whenever I can, and work extra hard at the store because I want to prove to everyone that I was made to be in this industry and I plan to stay in it. 


Walking Disaster by: Jamie McGuire

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire

         I was hesitant to start Walking Disaster after loving Beautiful Disaster so much but after whipping through the ARC I can honestly say that I loved Walking Disaster more than the first! McGuire answers all the questions I raised about Travis' sometimes obsessive personality in this fast-paced and romantic read. I found Travis' point of view more interesting, especially his obsverations of Abby.

       Those who have read Jamie McGuire's first novel will be pleased to find out that despite following the same plot line, this fresh point of view makes the reader feel as if they're reading Abby and Travis' story for the first time. Walking Disaster is full of the same sexual tension and romance that readers initally fell in love with, but McGuire wraps up this hot novel with the most satisifying epilogue that wasn't included in Beautiful Disaster. Perfect fast, pleasurable read.


Received an advanced reader's copy from NetGalley.

Songs from Under the River Review

Songs from Under the River - Anis Mojgani

Having only watched a few of Anis Mojangi's performances, I was curious to see how his words played out on the page versus his oral readings. Make no mistake, Mojangi's words are just as powerful on the page as they are on the stage. This collection of poems is so unique and powerful that I found myself only reading a couple at a time at night when there weren't any background noises to distract me. The messages weaved into the poetry will surely linger with the readers days after they've been read. Easily one of my new favorite collections.

The Lace Reader

The Lace Reader - Brunonia Barry The Lace Reader by: Brunonia Barry is the first book in a while that has left me in shock. Just when I was sure I had everything figured out the story took a turn in an unexpected way. It’s a carefully crafted novel, a type of story that one wants to read over just to see it in its new light. Salem is by far my favorite place in the world and reading about all the places I love so dearly was a breath of fresh air. Though at times the pace seemed too slow, the story was always interesting. It was really nice to be able to read a book and say, “I’ve been there!” And have actually been able to vividly picture the places described. In a way The Lace Reader seemed to be an adult version of I am the Cheese. Long story short, if you’re looking for a book that requires some time and patience but provides a brilliant story, this is for you.

An Object of Beauty: A Novel

An Object of Beauty - Steve Martin As someone who loves art and a good book, I entered this novel with higher expectations. And while Steve Martin has a nice range of vocabulary and describes the paintings very well, I found the novel lacked the sort of spark that hooks a reader in. I actually had to put the novel down half-way through because it's too bland. I don't see the progression in the plot, I actually seems to read more like a non-fiction book and less like a novel about a girl in the art industry. But hey, that's just my opinion. I wish I could like this novel, but it was too dry for my taste.

Wither by: Lauren DeStefano

Wither - 'Lauren DeStefano'

Trapped in a world where girls only live to be 20 years old and boys just reaching 25, Rhine Ellery doesn’t want to spend her last years as a sister wife and a first wife to a man she doesn’t love. But as Rhine knows, the world is cruel and so she’s thrown into an extravagant mansion and excepted to play the dutiful role of first wife to her new husband, Linden. While Rhine grows to care for her sister wives, her feelings towards her husband are indifferent. She plays her role very well and sometimes it’s even hard for her to know whether she’s putting on an act or not. The thought of her caring for Linden at all is ridiculous, she’s been forced there after all, forced to be separated from her twin brother, the only family she has left. 


The only spark of light in this dark situation is a caring housekeeper, Gabriel. Between stealing kisses and June Beans, they make a plan to escape. Which, of course, is much, much easier said than done. 


I loved the world that DeStefano has created, she’s put a unique twist on your average dystopian novel. Rhine is a strong female character that doesn’t flatter under pressure. It was so refreshing to read a novel where the main female protagonist isn’t a damsel in distress! I can’t wait to see where Rhine ends up next!

Beautiful Disaster by: Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire

I began reading “Beautiful Disaster” knowing that the characters probably had a broken past or their share of daddy issues. Classic tragic romance stuff. But holy cow, I didn’t except a classic dark, romantic outline to be done with such a twist. Everything I love about a romance was there. By far, the best romance novel I’ve ever read. McGuire’s characters are flawed but so passionate and fiercely raw that I found myself staying up until 6 in the morning just to know what happens! Abby Abernathy isn’t the usual innocent female protagonist you find in a majority of romance novels. She has an edge to her that few people know about. She moved to Eastern University to escape her past but Eastern’s popular ladies’ man, Travis Maddox sets his eyes on Abby and suddenly she’s falling for the very guy who reminds her so much of the past she’s trying to escape from. 

Travis and Abby are anything but perfect.

They’re a beautiful disaster. 


I don’t usually “fan-girl” but this book had me near tears at some points and then giggling like a school girl at others. I fell totally in love with the characters and their personal stories. I loved this book!

The Edge of the Earth: A Novel

The Edge of the Earth - Christina Schwarz Wonderful sense of place and beautifully written. The novel moved a little slow at times but is worth the read.

The Elite

The Elite - Kiera Cass HOLY CRAP!!Warning: If you didn't think the series could get any better, you were so wrong.America is struggling with her feelings towards Maxon, Aspen, and possibly becoming the princess. As the competition gets tough, America begins to doubt that Maxon is as interested in her as he says. But after a reckless stunt, America may have to say goodbye to a world that could have been hers. This marvelous sequel had me reading faster and staying up later just to find out what happens next. Kiera Cass doesn't disappoint. Too bad the finale is so far away!

Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins I’m having trouble writing a “proper” review because I loved this book so much, I don’t know where to start! Higgins has taken a common idea (angels and demons having children) and made it completely original. She may not know what, or who, she is at first, but lucky for Anna, she has the dangerously gorgeous Kaidan Rowe to help her figure that out. Anna's journey to uncover her family history brings her to the prison where her father is locked up. Ready to meet the man she has so much anger towards, Anna quickly learns her father is not the man she thought him to be. No matter how tempting the dark side of life may be, Anna is learning her limits and she won’t be so quick to give. She’s in for one sinful adventure but she’s not the only one. I completely fell in love with this novel. Loved it so much that I sat down and finished this 400+ page book in one sitting. Higgins ability to tell a story and develop characters is amazing, my review simply doesn’t do it justice. Go read it!

When She Woke by: Hillary Jordan

When She Woke - Hillary Jordan

Hannah Payne is used to a life devoted to God and her family. But a secret affair results in an unwanted pregnancy. Abortions are illegal in the state of Texas though that doesn’t stop Hannah. She’s caught and punished for her crime, forced to have her skin genetically altered to the color red, for murder. Disowned from her family and pushed to the fringes of society Hannah is determined to make a better life for herself. But at what cost? Jordan’s futuristic world is terrifying and eye opening all at once. Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Scarlett Letter will fall in love with Hannah Payne and understand just how important her story is to women everywhere.

How to Be a Woman

How to Be a Woman - Caitlin Moran I wish this book was around when I was in that awkward stage of adolescence. You know, that phase in which you're supposed to hate the world and fall madly in love with shitty teen pop stars? Well Caitlin Moran does a fantastic job of introducing feminism to women. She's funny, entertaining, and above all, she's unashamedly honest. I found myself looking forward to reading about her childhood and her transition into becoming a women. While I'm too young to understand the pains and labors of having children, it was really interesting to read her experience with childbirth and abortion. Moran had her share of valid points and a few I didn't quiet agree with. I did learn a few things but I felt like everything Moran has written about feminism has already been said. I couldn't help but wish this book came out about four years ago when I could have used the more basic, introductory, knowledge of feminism. That being said, it's worth the read!

The Tiger's Wife: A Novel

The Tiger's Wife - Téa Obreht The Tiger’s Wife is unlike any book I’ve read. It’s not a fast paced read, quiet the opposite actually, this novel requires patience and appreciation for writing and folklore. Trying to pin-point what the novel is about is difficult task. On one hand, it’s a story about a young doctor who is reminiscing on her beloved grandfather’s life while trying to understand it as well. On the other hand, it’s about the tiger’s wife and it’s even about a deathless man. But overall, I like to think The Tiger’s Wife is a novel about family and hidden stories that only some are lucky enough to understand. Obreht has done a wonderful job weaving together life stories of the people of a Balkan country. Her talent for story-telling is evident, it’s safe to say there will be many more, anticipated novels by Obreht. And while I was fond of most of the stories in the novel, I found myself skimming more and more towards the end. There’s no real plot, no problem being solved, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a novel that you read slowly to savor the words. Which makes it a hard book to review. The bottom line is, a certain type of a reader will cling to Tea Obreht’s debut, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

The Uninvited Guests: A Novel

The Uninvited Guests - Sadie Jones Emerald Torrington just wants to have a nice birthday celebration in her beloved home. But the Torrington is estate is quickly taken over by a group of less than fortunate train crash survivors and one mysterious man, Charles Traversham-Beechers, who also happens to be an old acquaintance of Emerald's mother. The storm outside is nothing compared to the storm inside the Torrington home when Charles proposes that they play a game that will threaten the credibility of everyone involved. Meanwhile, Smudge Torrington is planning her own Great Undertaking. Jones' novel is the perfect blend of suspense and quirkiness with a dash of romance thrown in. The cover alone reeled me in, (so lovely!) but fast-paced adventure had me reading it in one sitting. This novel is too much fun to pass up.