Wither by: Lauren DeStefano

Wither - 'Lauren DeStefano'

Trapped in a world where girls only live to be 20 years old and boys just reaching 25, Rhine Ellery doesn’t want to spend her last years as a sister wife and a first wife to a man she doesn’t love. But as Rhine knows, the world is cruel and so she’s thrown into an extravagant mansion and excepted to play the dutiful role of first wife to her new husband, Linden. While Rhine grows to care for her sister wives, her feelings towards her husband are indifferent. She plays her role very well and sometimes it’s even hard for her to know whether she’s putting on an act or not. The thought of her caring for Linden at all is ridiculous, she’s been forced there after all, forced to be separated from her twin brother, the only family she has left. 


The only spark of light in this dark situation is a caring housekeeper, Gabriel. Between stealing kisses and June Beans, they make a plan to escape. Which, of course, is much, much easier said than done. 


I loved the world that DeStefano has created, she’s put a unique twist on your average dystopian novel. Rhine is a strong female character that doesn’t flatter under pressure. It was so refreshing to read a novel where the main female protagonist isn’t a damsel in distress! I can’t wait to see where Rhine ends up next!