This Was Not Part of the Plan

        It's not a secret that I'm a horrible student. But my poor school ethics have finally caught up with me and long story short, I'm not going back to school. At least not for the moment. I plan to return as a part-time student and work towards a buisness degree so I can continue to work in bookstores throughout my life and hopefully manage/own one one day.

        The good news is, is that I'm officially a full-time bookseller at a wonderful indie bookstore. So in a way, my life feels like a dream. How many 19 year olds have this beautiful oppurtuinity standing right in front of them? My job has done so much for me. I'm even in the process of trying to sort out a schedule so I can go to BEA next Friday. (For those who don't know, BEA stands for Book Expo of America. Look it up, it's awesome.) Long story short, school sucks, indie bookstores rock, and my life is terrifying. 

        But you see, something happens when you decide to drop-out of college, even if it's a temporary thing. (Can I just say, I hate the phrase "drop-out".) Family members look at you a little funny and start to ask questions you really just don't want to answer.

        Of course, I understand the hesitance people radiate when you tell them that you're a college drop out. Society has made it extremley difficult to find high-paying jobs for those with only a high school diploma. Going to college isn't really a decision anymore, it's just something you do after high school. It's expected. And if there's one thing society hates, its people who do the unexpected. 

        All that being said, I feel really liberated with my decision. Life feels good and kind of scary. Even with working full time, I have about 2-3 days off a week and that's a lot of free time to fill up. With this realization, I immediately start brainstorming adventures. There are so many places to visit, museums to explore, resturants to try out, bookstores to longue in, and people to meet along the way. 

        To be sitting at home all the time, scrolling through the assortment of social networking sites I tend to, would be too depressing. I wish I could thank who-ever said, "There's a difference between soical networking and wasting your fucking life." I don't want to waste my life. Hell, if I had the guts to, I would backpack across the U.S. I've always wanted my life to be a big adventure. 

       So what am I going to do with extra time?

       I'm going to make to try and make the best of it. I'm going to write a novel, go on day trips whenever I can, and work extra hard at the store because I want to prove to everyone that I was made to be in this industry and I plan to stay in it.