Wicked Beat by: Olivia Cunning

Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning

         Wicked Beat by far the sweetest of the Sinners' books. Eric Sticks has always been the guy on the side, watching as his band members bang groupies. But when it comes to Rebekah Blake, Eric doesn't want to watch...he wants to play. While Rebekah's brother Dave is recovery from his accident Rebekah takes over as the Sinners' new sound board operator. Even with his sometimes-brutal honesty, Eric is having a hard time getting Rebekah to commit to him when she obviously has her eyes set on bad boy Trey Mills. Caught between two hot guys Rebekah's choice isn't hard to make, especially when Eric's sense of humor so closely matches her own. The only question is, can she open up about the one thing that could jeopardize any chance at a relationship?  


       Oliva Cunning's newest novel, Wicked Beat, is full of that humor that only Eric Sticks can pull off but is also loaded with hot sex...sex that involves lots of toys and role play. Cunning never fails to go above and beyond readers expectations. Sinfully good. 





*I received an advanced reader's copy through NetGalley. Wicked Beat won't be available for sale until Aug, 6th, 2013.